One of the purposes of this website is to keep our clients / prospects informed as much as possible. The following section represents the most frequently asked questions that we always get, and we usually reply with same answers, so it makes sense to check our knowledge base to keep informed about our products and / or services

Domestic Water Meters are generally of smaller diameters (starting from 0.5 inches, and less than 2 inches). They are used for flats, small retail shops, small Villas, units in compounds or resorts, etc.
Bulk Water Meters are generally of larger diameters (starting from 2 inches, up to 20 inches). They are used for government buildings, companies, factories, schools, hospitals, hotels, large villas, master water supply of compounds, etc.
In Egypt, meters with diameters larger than 10 inches are available ONLY from Metrotec

It allows consumers to control their usage, and avoid surprises at billing times. It eliminates billing based on estimation and/or average (In case of lack of meter reading activities). Instead, payments are based on actual usage of consumers. It allows consumer to know used money & remaining money at any time.

This results in higher net revenue / profit for the Authority, since with prepaid water meters, simply “EVERY DROP COUNTS”. In this case, all water used by someone is Paid-for, which reduces waste.
In addition, there will be no need to have the Authority staffs going around just for reading the meters, instead, they can perform more productive work.
Finally yet importantly, this increases the culture of “Water is valuable” among normal consumers of all levels, and lets them consume the water more wisely.

Prepaid water meters are available with all Domestic water meters, and with the smaller ranges of Bulk water meters. However, they are not available with the higher ranges of Bulk water meters, due to the fact that power generated from prepaid meter battery must have enough torque to open / close the meter valve (larger valves require higher torque in case of large bulk meters).

Metrotec Egypt produces all the body / brass components of the water meters, along with plastic covers, electrostatic painting, etc. The imported part is the meter Insert. The water meter is then assembled in the large assembly section of Metrotec factory, and then tested thoroughly using the State-of-the-art Testing center of Metrotec (Located inside the factory, and equipped with the highest German Technologies / Standards in this field) in order to guarantee the meter quality and accuracy.

After testing / calibration of each & every meter produced in Metrotec, a Calibration Certificate is issued and delivered along with the meter from the Testing center. After installation and usage of the meter, and in case of any doubts about meter accuracy, Metrotec provides a free service of re-testing and re-issuing the Calibrating Certificate by its State-of-the-art Testing center, upon customer request.

They represent the meter reading accuracy based on Mathematical / Hydraulic calculation involving water flow rate in to and out from the meter. R160 means higher accuracy than R100, which is higher than R80, and so on.
The Egyptian Holding Company for water and wastewater has set minimum standards for those values to be acceptable, and Metrotec already met and exceeded those standards long back.

In prepaid water meters of Metrotec, there are multiple stages / options before water flow stops:
Minimum balance can be defined by the authority, when reaching that limit, first warning will be given.
If not recharged, water flow will continue till balance becomes zero, then second warning will be given.
Overdraft allowances of multiple types can be defined and provided to consumers, to be applicable when balance reaches zero. The overdraft is then collected automatically once card is recharged.

Most of Metrotec meters have built-in small filters that work perfectly when water purity is within the acceptable limits. In many situations, water is loaded with sand, mud, etc. where it is highly recommended in this case to have external filter/strainer. This helps the consumer get cleaner water, and helps the meter function most accurate. Metrotec Egypt has large variety of water filters / strainers, which fit all different situations.

The required spare parts are produced in Metrotec, which means they are always available. Metrotec is known of its strong After-Sales-Support, which helps the customers be free minded and not worried about any issues they may face. Metrotec implemented also the concept of customer follow up, where the company contacts all customers monthly (By email, Fax, Whatsapp based on customer’s available contact method) and ensures there are no pending or new issues related to any of its sold products.